Investing in the future


We intend – to change the world.

Therefore, we are focused on solving critical problems that will occur by 2025 with actionable AI and reliable data. We do not build apps or BtoC products with adoption rate reflected by metrics like MRR. We rather build technologies answering high-scale social and economic challenges. We are the change we hope to see in the world.

Our mission at BRAINCITIES LAB consists in using AI, Robotic and trustful data to build a sustainable society.

Our team spirit and creativity are inspired by a strong belief in our mission.
Our value rise from the people building our technology.
Our strength comes from our vision.

It fuels our passion.
It makes us more resilient.

This is why we only invite investors and business angels equally concerned by the future of human kind to join us and to invest in us.

You can use your money to have a positive impact on the future. In our case it mean investing in technology that will solve massive problems by 2025.

We are looking for believers willing to invest in the long term and targeting x10 to x100 return on invest. We need people that can hold and help us grow.

Willing to learn more about our investment opportunity?
Contact us and get the documentation.

21 Boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris - France
Fr. +331 56 03 67 52
Uk. +442 081 442 750
[email protected]